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We are Central Coast Solicitors and Lawyers, practicing in all areas of Law: Family Law, Conveyancing, Probate, Wills, Contracts, Debt Recovery, Criminal Law, Court Apppearances, just to name a few.

We will help you in any area of law, and if we cannot help you, we will help you find someone who can.

We provide friendly and personalised legal help and legal advice in plain english.

We are your local solicitors who have been established on the Central Coast of New South Wales, since 1995.

At some time in life, you, or someone you know, is going to need legal advice.

It may be about Family Law..... contracts..... wills..... death of a loved one. You might be buying or selling your home, maybe someone owes you money, and you need debt recovery.


You have searched the web for legal help, and, the legal advice you have found is so hard to understand, and tells you nothing.

You just want legal advice in Plain English.


We will provide legal advice in plain english to help you decide what to expect and what to do next.

If you would like our help, all you have to do is make a phone call. (02) 4332 1055.

We care about our clients, and will ensure that, if you become our client, whether it be for Family Law, probate,drawing a will, power of Attorney or any other legal matter, that you know what is happening, that you understand the legal advice, and that you get value for the hard earned money you spend.

We all know that seeing a lawyer is expensive. Sometimes, your money is wasted, because, you really did not need to spend it on that legal advice. Well, we hope that the advice we give here, helps you to decide, whether, you really need to take that extra step and spend money on a solicitor or lawyer.

How many times have you been to see a Solicitor or Lawyer, only to leave the office not understanding what is going on?

Well, we aim to ensure that you know, what is happening.

Plain English legal advice and legal help is our guarantee to you.

The advice offered in our pages, are of a general nature only, and based on the Law, as it currently applies in NSW. Many of the general principles apply Australia wide, even if the actual practice, does not. The advice in these pages should not be relied upon for specific circumstances. You should seek proper legal advice for your specific matter.

We hope you find the information on our pages is what you are looking for, and that it helps you choose what to do.

Please scroll down if you would like to access direct text links to specific articles, which also contain links to other articles.

Phone 02-4332 1055 Fax 02-4333 5144


Principal Solicitor

Trevor Drake

Our Guarantee To You!
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Personal Law Issues
Personal Law issues are about Wills, Powers of Attorney, Appointment of Enduring Guardians, and involves all of us and our loved ones.
Family Law - Preliminary Legal Advice
Prelimary advice on Family Law issues with links to more detailed advice.
Selling A Home or other Residential Property
Preliminary Advice on selling A Home or other Residential Property
Elder Law
Discussion on how Elder Law affects everybody and what it is all about.
Debt Recovery -The Basic Solutions
Advice on Basic Debt Recovery, with the provision of links to all of the pages providing advice on the various stages and procedures.
Buying A Home or other Residential Property
Initial Advice and Tips on Buying a Home or other Residential Property
Legal Advice - Feedback
A page outlining how you can provide feedback on our legal advice, to ensure reliability.
Contribute to Legal Help
Would you like to share your knowledge about legal help? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.
Contribute to Legal Help1
Would you like to share your knowledge about legal help? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.